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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As at 05th April 2017

Mean gender pay gap 8.2%
Median gender pay gap 0.0%
Mean bonus gender pay gap 18.2%
Median bonus gender pay gap 12.0%
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment 63.0%
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment 66.3%

Proportion of males and females in each quartile band:
  Male Female
Lower 52.1% 47.9%
Lower Middle 45.6% 54.4%
Upper Middle 48.3% 51.7%
Upper 54.8% 45.2%

Gender Pay Gap Figures

Validated by - Sara Hailes - Finance Director

Approved by - Nick Ford - Managing Director


There is no median gender pay gap due to our fixed salary progression structure for Operational Associates.

The Senior Operations Team earn most of the higher bonus payments. The Senior Ops team has a less balanced gender demographic than the wider Leadership and Senior Management teams, resulting in a higher mean and median bonus gender pay gap.